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WerFault.exe Windows Problem Reporting

The werfault.exe system runs in the background. This gives it the right to run at any convenient opportunity. Overloading the processor is due of the usage to much memory.

WerFault.exe Windows Problem Reporting
WerFault.exe Windows Problem Reporting

You can enable or disable the function according to your preferences. If you want to use this function, you can customize it according to your requirements. If you do not want to send error reports to specific executables or programs for, you can create a block list.

However, if you would like to delete process this couldn’t make some influence on Windows OS. You still can use a computer but with some restriction. A process has a technical safe of 2%, which is really low. Process size in most of the cases is 360,440.

Viruses have the same name as WerFault.exe
The original werfault.exe file is a secure process for the Microsoft Windows system. However, malware writers such as worms, viruses, and Trojans can mask viruses with this name to avoid detection. Known viruses with the same file name.

Correcting errors that have already been made.
Sometimes the file may be damaged by Werfault.exe. There are different reasons for such failures. Starting from the curve of the upgrade and ending with a system crash.

WerFault.exe Windows Problem Reporting (32-bit)
WerFault.exe Windows Problem Reporting (32-bit)

If the failure shows up itself again, use the system configuration section and install a diagnostic startup instead of the usual start of the operating system, after which we perform a full reboot. In this case, the user gets a “clean” Windows boot, which includes only the basic services

In Winx64 system it can known as WerFault.exe Windows Problem Reporting (32-bit)

Some problems you can meet
  • A problem caused Windows to stop working correctly. Windows will notify you if a solution is available.
  • Crash on launch is detected. Initiating further diagnostics.
  • Error reporting ran out of disk space while creating a crash dump file.
  • Error reporting was unable to create a crash dump file as a previous crash dump file already exists
  • Error reporting was unable to report a dirty shutdown.
  • If you encounter this problem again, Microsoft would like to collect additional information. The additional information may help Microsoft create a solution.
  • Microsoft needs more information to try to solve the problem
  • Possible crash in an unloaded dll detected. Initiating further diagnostics.
  • Possible disk corruption detected for executable image %1, causing application %2 to stop working with exception %3, status code %4. Initiating further diagnostics.
  • Possible heap corruption detected (exception code %1). Initiating further diagnostics.
  • Remove system error memory dump files.
  • To better understand this problem, Microsoft would like to gather additional diagnostic information automatically when the program is launched, including a copy of the steps taken before the problem occurs.
  • The process ‘%1’ was terminated by the process ‘%2’ with termination code %3. The creation time for the exiting process was 0x%4.
  • The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: %1. A full dump was not saved.
  • The dump file at location: %1 was deleted because the disk volume had less than %2 GB free space.

WerFault.exe Windows Problem Reporting (32bitové)

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